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“The Legend,” is the main game of the forum, with a heavy plot and an original battle system. Not to worry though, there’s more to it than The Legend. This forum has much, much more. Come and join our community, become a Legend…
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 Shop Rules/Your Own Shop

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Shop Rules/Your Own Shop Empty
PostSubject: Shop Rules/Your Own Shop   Shop Rules/Your Own Shop Icon_minitimeTue Feb 21, 2012 1:03 am

Rather simple really. You can buy anything in the shop. Every now and again items will disappear, but they'll re-appear soon enough!

Buy by posting, sell by posting.

You can sell your items back to the shop, for half of what they are worth.

You can create your own shop, but it's not based on gold. Your shop (for the moment) is really just trading items for other items.

Got questions? PM me. A Shop Mod will come around soon I'm sure tongue

Making Money:

There are a few ways to make money. I'll list them to help out ^^

  1. Leveling IC. This will give you 100 gold each time you do so!
  2. GM spontaneousness IC. There's always a possibility of getting gold as the story progresses! Although, don't expect too much. GM's don't give out donations! And if it's a lot of gold, watch out for enemies and traps! Especially when it comes to treasure chests...No
  3. Fishing-Fishing is a great way to make some extra change!
  4. Posting. For every 100 post, you get 50 gold! Unless those posts are spam..confused
  5. Points. Check your profile or under your avatar to see how many points you have! Every 100 points, you get 25 gold!
  6. Contests!
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Shop Rules/Your Own Shop
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