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“The Legend,” is the main game of the forum, with a heavy plot and an original battle system. Not to worry though, there’s more to it than The Legend. This forum has much, much more. Come and join our community, become a Legend…
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Description: Both of Halgar's parents were half-orcs. His mother grew up with orcs and his father with humans, so his heritage is mixed and can be said to be more uniquely half-orcish than human or orcish. His parents home was little more than a cottage in the woods, away from the prying eyes of society. At a young age Halgar started hunting with his father, but he disliked his fathers orcish hunting practises and soon just came along to be free of the drudgery of sitting in the cabin. One day, when Halgar was about ten, his father came across a human hunting party and seeing a golden opportunity, scared them away. His father than gathered up the meat they had left behind, and set home for the cottage, pleased to be done with the hunt sooner than planed. Halgar however, saw something that interested him more than the meat, the human hunting tools. After this discovery, Halgar practised the bow in secret. When Halgar was 19 however, his father discovered found his hiding spot and was outraged, destroying the bow and the other hunting equipment and gave Halgar a good thrashing. Soon after this, Hlagar bid his parents farewell and set out into the world. Having now spent several months gained enough wealth to buy his own equipment, Halgar is now ready to make a name for himself.

Level: 1 Archer

HP: 20/20

Equipment: Longbow(1d4x2), Dagger (1d4), Novice Shield (1q)

Gold: 50

Inventory: Healing Potion (+20HP), Spinner-bait, Carp


Powers: Intimidation (2q)

Bought Longbow(1d4x2) -40 gold Link

Bought worms - 5 gold link

Caught fish Large Mouth Bass, Channel Catfish, Carp -worms Link

Sold fish + 8 gold -Large Mouth Bass, Channel Catfish Link

Bought worms and fried fish - 5 gold, carp Link

Caught fish three carps, two small mouth bass, one brim, two pikes, one goggle-eye -worms Link

Sold fish -three carps, two small mouth bass, one brim, two pikes, one goggle-eye +22 gold Link

Bought Spinner-bait. -30 gold Link

Caught Carp Link

Odd is awarded 50 gold for having 100 posts! Admin

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The Odd One's Home
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