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“The Legend,” is the main game of the forum, with a heavy plot and an original battle system. Not to worry though, there’s more to it than The Legend. This forum has much, much more. Come and join our community, become a Legend…
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 Characters, Spells, and Items: Explained

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Characters, Spells, and Items: Explained Empty
PostSubject: Characters, Spells, and Items: Explained   Characters, Spells, and Items: Explained Icon_minitimeMon Feb 20, 2012 4:41 pm


Races Explained:

(These are the races available, they each come with a unique power. Powers are explained lower down.)

Click Me:


(Classes are what you are known for, your profession, your focus as you become a legend in the land.)

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Weapons explained:

Weapons have an attribute next to the name of them, they usually look like this (1d4). That is actually a dice. The 1 is how many dice there are and the 4 is how many sides there are. In this istance we have 1 die with four sides, which has the possibilty of rolling a 1, 2, 3, or 4. It gets a little more complicated (and fun) when you have a weapon that has (4d20) Shocked . These attributes directly effect damage. So if you have a dagger (1d4) and you swing it, a dice is rolled BANG (hit for -3).

Other attributes: x2,x3,x4, etc are how many times you can attack with that weapon/ +1 fire, +2 fire, etc is the automatic effect of an enchantment of the weapon.

WARNING: Do not get caught changing attributes or you will face the consequences!!! No No No

Armor Explained:

Armor has an attribute next to it that is a little different that weapons. Usually it looks like this:

Steel Shield (4q)

Let me explain that attribute. Q stands for quarters. You have four chances to block the attack. 1q is considerably a lower chance. Since you only have one chance to get heads to block the attack. 40q is insanely protective! study

WARNING: Do not get caught changing attributes or you will face the consequences!!! No No No

Items Explained:

Most items have descriptions next to them, but there will be a thread opened soon based on item questions. Usually it just takes some sense to get them, example:

Healing Potion (+20HP)

Spells and Powers Explained:


(Remeber the q stands for quarter (the coin). 2q is 2 chances to get a heads. Getting a heads will perform the power.)

Click Me:


1. Spells are a lot like Weapons, except one more attribute is present. Example:

Fire (1d4 -5) That added attribute (-5) is your MP drain each time you use it. This can actually be used in a certain way. You can use, "Double Power," with magic, using your MP how you wish. SO if you had 50MP, then you can do something to the effect of, "Five Times Power!" or better yet, cast the spell and use, "Full power!" Which would make the fire spell above basically hit ten times. Very Happy

2. Spells effect certain enemies differently. Think elements against elements. Your fire spells might not effect some villians with water attributes.

Here's a little spell vs. attribute example for you (The X means the spell is nullified because of the attribute...should be common sense).

FireXWater (vise versa)

WaterXEarth (vise versa)

LightXDark (vise versa)

LightningXStone (vise versa)
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Characters, Spells, and Items: Explained
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