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“The Legend,” is the main game of the forum, with a heavy plot and an original battle system. Not to worry though, there’s more to it than The Legend. This forum has much, much more. Come and join our community, become a Legend…
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 Character Sheets

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PostSubject: Character Sheets   Character Sheets Icon_minitimeMon Feb 20, 2012 6:37 pm

Start a Thread with your character sheet entitled: "User's Home."

Post your characters (that deal with The Legend's world) here in this Forum. A mod or I will review your character. If it doesn't meet requirements we will pm you. If you do not fix the problem in due time, we will delete the character. If a character dies, it will be removed in one month. If you edit your character in any way, (such as adding more gold/equipment/level/etc) you must post a link to where you gained said items/levels.

To make this simple: Edit what you have gained to your thread. For every edit there should be the activity of the day called receipts...Example:


Character Sheet Template

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Character Sheets
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