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“The Legend,” is the main game of the forum, with a heavy plot and an original battle system. Not to worry though, there’s more to it than The Legend. This forum has much, much more. Come and join our community, become a Legend…
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Name: Arkanid

Age: 23

Race: Human

Class: Black Mage

Description: Riaxh's Home Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS5W5jFTLF6K8F8P0V5kMdiWKjxL4UbPN4svBp958AxfL0STju8ElbjIcUl-Q

Arkanid was born someplace, somewhere, to someone. But do not concern yourself with such things. They are not important....or at least, not yet. That is not what he hopes to be remembered for. He is a man of great ambition, it leaks from his every pore like a noxious cloud. He hungers for it all. Knowledge. Power. Glory. To unlock the secrets of magic and unravel the mysteries entwined throughout the land. These goals he pursues with relentless intensity, and woe betide all that stand in his way. (May add his backstory later, want to discover more about the setting first).

Level: 2

HP: 20/20

MP: 20/20

Equipment: Dagger (1d4), Novice Shield (1q)

Gold: 11

Inventory: Healing Potion (+20HP)

Spells: Fire, Stone.

Powers: The Voice

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